Producem succes. Pe site-urile noastre europene de productie, va transformam viziunea in realitate.

The real one-stop-shop – You can rely on Steinel OEM-Solutions not only for the manufacture of high-quality electronic modules. We impress you with pioneering plastics technology, efficient assembly and a wide range of special processes. This is how we manage to achieve outstanding results from a single source for your success.

Core Processes

The following manufacturing competencies and processes are among the cornerstones of our service provision. These are the elements with which we are always in fierce competition with our competitors all over the world. What makes us excellent in this respect are the world-famous Steinel products on the one hand and our customer references and reputation in the market on the other.

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    Fabricarea electronica
  • oem-solutions-spritzguss1-960x540.jpg
    Productia de materiale plastice
  • oem-solutions-in-curcuit-960x540.jpg
  • oem-solutions-geraetemontage-960x540.jpg
    Construire carcasa
  • oem-solutions-aftersales-960x540.jpg
    Post vanzare
  • oem-solutions-logistics-960x540.jpg

Special Processes

There are many electronic and / or plastic parts manufacturers who are also product manufacturers. But how do we differ from the competition? What our expertise is in development is our special processes in production, which we all master and use daily. 

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  • oem-solutions-ultraschallschweissen-960x540.jpg
    Sudura cu ultrasunete
  • oem-solutions-kleberoboter2-960x540.jpg
    Lipire si turnare
  • oem-solutions-kabelkonfektion-960x540.jpg
    Asamblare cabluri
  • oem-solutions-tampondruck2-960x540.jpg
    Pad-ul de imprimare
  • oem-solutions-laserbeschriftung-960x540.jpg
    Marcaj laser
  • oem-solutions-rapidprototyping-960x540.jpg
    Prototipuri rapide
  • oem-solutions-werkzeugbau2-960x540.jpg
  • oem-solutions-klimatest-960x540.jpg
    Protectia IP si teste climatice
  • oem-solutions-vergiessen-960x540.jpg

Support Processes

  • oem-solutions-qualitaetskontrolle-960x540.jpg
    Managementul calitatii si management LEAN
    Managementul calitatiii noastre la nivel de grup indeplineste cele mai inalte standarde si suntem auditati periodic de catre autoritatile de reglementare si de catre clienti. De la ideea initiala prin FMEA pana la livrarea produsului dvs., insotim procesele cu masuri de asigurare a calitatii. De ani buni, toate locatiile si proprietarii de procese lucreaza si cu metode 5s, 6sigma, KVP, SMED pentru a atinge durabilitatea si progresul.
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    Procese de achizitii
    Evaluam si selectam cu atentie, astfel incat sa putem oferi solutia optima de achizitie pentru produsul dvs. Va puteti astepta la cea mai inalta flexibilitate si calitate.
  • oem-solutions-industrie40-960x540.jpg
    Industrie 4.0
    Pe langa un sistem integrat de planificare a resurselor (SAP), care este uniform in toate locatiile si conexiunile EDI si VMI, aceasta include in special sistemul MDE pentru instalațiile de productie, cum ar fi productia SMD sau sistemele BDE, care inregistreaza si vizualizeaza toate activitatea - date relevante prin tablouri de bord. In plus, putem fi mandri si de sistemul nostru de productie, care se bazeaza complet pe Pull / Kanban, cu conexiune directa la depozit.

We are aware that in addition to quality, high speed and short time to market are of great importance to you – and we are good at that!