Our competence and experience for your future. –  Our employees from all specialist disciplines regularly undergo further training. Exactly this know-how combined with decades of experience is at your disposal. It is the essence of developing innovative solutions from which your products are created. The diversity of our customers and their challenges allows our wealth of experience to grow daily.

Our references by industry

  • tot
  • Tehnologia constructiilor
  • Sanatate si bunastare
  • Tehnologie pentru casa
  • Tehnologie sanitara
  • Ingineria sigurantei
  • Tehnologie industriala
  • Scule
  • oem-solutions-haengeleuchte-960x540.jpg
    Lustra din sticla
  • oem-solutions-senses-960x540.jpg
    Lampi cu senzor si design atractiv
  • oem-solutions-sensorapplikation-960x540.jpg
    Aplicatie senzor pentru corpuri de iluminat de birou
  • oem-solutions-feuchtraumleuchte-960x540.jpg
    Lampa cu senzor rezistenta la umiditate
  • oem-solutions-hochfrequenzsensor-960x540.jpg
    Tehnologie senzori de inalta frecventa
  • oem-solutions-lichttechnik-960x540.jpg
    Lampi solare
  • oem-solutions-dualtech-960x540.jpg
    Senzor Dualtech
  • oem-solutions-warmluftdusche-960x540.jpg
    Dus cu aer cald
  • oem-solutions-kaffeemuehle2-960x540.jpg
    Electronica pentru rasnita de cafea
  • solutions-kochsysteme-kochplatte.png
    Placa fierbinte inteligenta
  • oem-solutions-bedieneinheit-960x540.jpg
    Unitatea de comanda
  • oem-solutions-kaffeemaschine-960x540.jpg
    Modul display
  • oem-solutions-leistungselektronik-960x540.jpg
    Unitate electronica
  • oem-solutions-leistungselektronikeinheit-960x540.jpg
    Unitate electronica
  • oem-solutions-kuechengeraete-960x540.jpg
    Electronica pentru aparate de bucatarie profesionale
  • oem-solutions-spiegelschrank.png
    Senzori in dulapuri cu oglinzi
  • oem-solutions-taschenlampe2-960x540.jpg
  • oem-solutions-temperatursensor-960x540.jpg
    Produs complet : senzor de temperatura
  • oem-solutions-temperaturfuehler-960x540.jpg
    Senzor digital de temperatura pentru unitatile de gatit
  • oem-solutions-waschtischarmatur-960x540.jpg
    Baterie lavoar
  • oem-solutions-tece-960x540.jpg
    Placa de actionare cu sistem senzor
  • oem-solutions-urinal.png
    Tehnologie senzor pentru pisoar
  • oem-solutions-camlight-960x540.jpg
    Camera si tehnologie de iluminat
  • oem-solutions-steuergeraet-960x540.jpg
    Unitate de control
  • oem-solutions-drehwinkelgeber-960x540.jpg
    Codificatoare rotative
  • oem-solutions-batterie-960x540.jpg
    Modul electronic pentru baterie
  • oem-solutions-beleuchtungsmodul-960x540.jpg
    Modul de iluminare
  • oem-solutions-kompaktleuchte1-960x540.jpg
    Lampa compacta cu senzor
  • oem-solutions-mobileheat-960x540.jpg
    Mobile Heat
  • oem-solutions-glm-960x540.jpg
    Telemetru cu laser
  • oem-solutions-heissklebepistole-960x540.jpg
    Pistol de lipit
  • oem-solutions-checks-960x540.jpg
    Tester de tensiune
Profit from our expertise

With our four areas of expertise we want to focus on the future of the digital and energy-efficient needs of our partners and support you as a sparring partner. This is especially true when it comes to working with you to design innovative products for the future. Our internal and external network is growing daily - and so is our competence and experience. 


Let us find out together how you can benefit from our expertise.